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AJH Lawyers is the only law firm in Victoria with Accredited Specialists in all areas of Business Law/Commercial Law, Commercial Litigation and Immigration law for over 15 years.


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We are committed to delivering excellent results for our clients. We can help you because your success is our focus. Our Melbourne litigation and dispute resolution lawyers handle all types of litigation and dispute resolution matters. We are skilled and experienced in developing strategies to seek to assist you in achieving your objectives.


Whether your case is simple or complex, we can help you. Our lawyers in Melbourne are experienced in all courts and jurisdictions with particular expertise in the conduct of complex hard-fought litigation in the superior courts. Equally, our lawyers are experienced in alternative dispute resolutions methods and can help you resolve disputes through negotiations or mediations or other forms of alternative dispute resolutions. 


Specifically, we can assist you to resolve disputes and act for you in relation to:


            Buying and selling of businesses
            Companies, partnerships, trusts, sole proprietorship
            Powers, rights, duties and obligations of owners, directors and managers
            Corporations law: ASIC, responsibilities and liabilities of directors, members and shareholders
            Employment: employment agreements, termination and redundancy, restraints, equal opportunity and anti discrimination and occupational health and safety relating to     the employment agreements and termination
            Franchising: Franchising Code, franchising agreements, disclosure statement, enforcement of the rights of the franchisor and franchisee
✔            Competition and Consumer Protection: misleading or deceptive conduct, anti-competitive conduct, restraint of trade, unconscionability, consumer guarantees, unfair terms and manufacture’s liability
            Intellectual property: trademarks, patents, business names, domain names
            Insolvency: voluntary administration, bankruptcy and arrangements without sequestration, liquidation, bankruptcy, receiverships
            Taxation: Federal Taxes and State Taxes
            Leases: Commercial Lease, Retail Leases, enforcement of the rights of the landlord and tenant
            Building and construction: commercial building and domestic building
            Information Technology and E commerce
            Property: commercial, industrial and residential
            Banking and finance
            Professional liabilities
            Contractual disputes



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